Launching of the GOLD IV Report: Co-Creating the Urban Future

Presentación del Informe GOLD IV

The 4th Global Report on Local Democracy and Decentralization (GOLD) was presented on the 15 October in Bogota, coinciding with the start of the last day of the eth World Summit of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). This triennial publication is regarded as the guiding document for local and regional governments from all over the world, in which the greatest challenges that cities and local territories are facing nowadays are presented and analysed, as well as it advocates for the impact that proximity policies can have in an increasingly urbanized world.

Under the name “Co-Creating the Urban Future”, the GOLD IV report tackles the strategic and necessary role that local and regional governments have in the implementation of the newest global development agendas, and particularly the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the New Urban Agenda. The report was presented in the context of a debate moderated by Josep Roig, General Secretary of UCLG, in which political figures such as the Mayor of Montréal and President of Metropolis Denis Coderre, the Mayor of Nanterre, Patriclk Jarry, the Mayor of Chefchaouen, Mohammed Sefiani, and the Commissioner of International Relations of Barcelona’s Provincial Government, Josep Lluís Alay were present. Edgar Pieterse, Director of the African Center for Cities, who also contributed to the elaboration of the report, closed the session making a call for the integration and cooperation among all of the cities of the world.

 Only a few days after its launch in Bogota, the report was presented in different stages of the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, Habitat III in Quito. Beyond being a document analysing the state of the urban question, the GOLD IV stands out for offering an exhaustive list of action-oriented recommendations for municipal policy in order to face the challenges that urban settlements all over the world will have to confront for the next decades.