Governs locals i regionals avancen cap a la localització dels ODS

informe HLPF

Tuesday 18th July of 2018 was presented, in the framework of the United Nations sixth High-Level Political Forum about Sustainable Development, celebrated in New York, the second Global report on the localization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), made by UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) and the Global Taskforce of local and regional governments.

The report, named “Towards the localization of the SDGs”, encompasses the improvements in the SDG implementation made by local and regional governments of more than 61 countries. The Barcelona Provincial Council, who leads this Committee, has contributed actively to the report in which several good practices of municipalities of the province of Barcelona and the Provincial Council itself are included. Among these initiatives there are the Intermediate Debt Service for Housing (SIDH for its acronyms in Catalan), the Green Urban Strategic Plan and the Communication Campaign about the SDG "Yes, I commit!" (Sí, m'hi comprometo!), and the initiatives carried out by Mollet del Vallés around the promotion of responsible consumption and the production of local food, among others.

In this document, the leadership and compromise of the local and regional governments in the SDG’s accomplishment is stated clearly, and highlights that the latter are still being ignored by the United Nations states’ agenda. Likewise, it vindicates the need for including local governments, improving the financial mechanisms and deepen in multilevel governance frameworks to guarantee the success in the achievement of the global goals.

The HLPF is the central platform of the United Nations for the tracking and reviewing of the progress made in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the SDG’ implementation, that gathers together representatives of both the United Nations member states and specialized bodies. In 2018, 47 states have presented the voluntary reports, among which there is the Spanish State. The first edition of the Local and Regional Governments Forum, organized by the Global Taskforce, UN Habitat, Local 2030 and UN-DESA, was celebrated within this framework. It gathered together 240 representatives from local and regional governments to present the local perspectives about the localization of the 2030 Agenda.