The EU adopts a Declaration on the future Urban Agenda

Last June, at an informal meeting of EU Ministers responsible for Territorial Cohesion and Urban Matters, held in Riga under the Latvian presidency of the Council of the European Union, a Declaration on the future Urban Agenda was adopted.  Under the title, ‘Towards an EU Urban Agenda’, the declaration identified the elements to be taken into account for the development of the EU Urban Agenda.

The Declaration, which should be viewed within the context of the debate on the role of local governments as key players in regional development issues, recognises the important role played by small and medium-sized cities in achieving the European Union 2020 objectives and demands a higher level of coordination on policies for urban areas. Likewise, the Declaration demands that the level of promotion of urban development issues and citizen participation be increased in order to boost the construction of a polycentric urban structure and thus achieve the goals set out in the Territorial Agenda 2020.