Publication of the 2014 ‘Global Go To Think Tank’ report

On 22 January, the results of the 2014 ‘Global Go To Think Tank’ report, produced each year by the University of Pennsylvania, were published. The index classifies the world’s main think tanks into different categories and is designed to identify centres of excellence in the different areas of public policy research and each region of the world. These main ranking categories are then divided into subcategories: the best think tanks in the world by region, area of research and special milestones.

According to this index, the top think tanks in the world are the Brookings Institution (United States), followed by Chatham House (United Kingdom) and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (United States).One of the areas of research analysed in the ranking is ‘transparency and good governance’, which is headed by Transparency International (Germany), followed by Amnesty International (United Kingdom) and Freedom House (United States).

For its part, the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) is the highest ranked think tank in Spain in the categories ‘Top Think Tanks Worldwide’ (58th) and ‘Top Think Tanks in Western Europe’ (15th).The CIDOB is also ranked highly among the top think tanks in Southern Europe.