13th ARLEM Bureau meeting in Egypt

On 10 November in Luxor (Egypt), representatives of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) and various members of the Committee of the Regions met for the first time since the ARLEM was created in 2010.The session focussed on discussing the working programme of the Union for the Mediterranean and implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy at local and regional level.

The broad Egyptian government representation meant that the adoption of the new Egyptian constitution in January 2014, which promotes devolution of powers to local authorities, could also be discussed. Thus, members of the ARLEM Bureau were able to see the practical implications of the decentralisation process in the region.


ARLEM is a permanent assembly that brings together local and regional authorities on the three banks of the Mediterranean. Its mission is to provide an institutional framework that brings members of the Committee of the Regions and representatives of European associations involved in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation together with their colleagues from other Mediterranean countries.