19th EU Conference: The new European Urban Agenda

The new European Urban Agenda was the main topic at the 19th EU Conference, organised by the Directorate for International Relations of Barcelona Provincial Council on 18 November in Barcelona. This year saw the participation of around 100 representatives from local government, other public bodies and economic and social agents, with the aim of exploring and discussing ways of making cities more relevant in European politics. 

The Chairman of Barcelona Provincial Council, Salvador Esteve, opened the event by calling for a new model of governance in the European Union with greater involvement of cities, while the opening speech was given by the President of the Committee of the Regions, Michel Lebrun, who stressed the role of local governments as a source of inspiration and collaboration in the EU in order to provide an comprehensive response to problems at a local level. In addition, two round tables were held to discuss the new European Urban Agenda and the challenges and opportunities facing European cities. The conference concluded with a call to promote this European Urban Agenda with the direct participation of cities.

The EU conferences organised by Barcelona Provincial Council are held yearly with the aim of providing a space for political reflection on current European affairs and their impact on local government.

More information: http://www.diba.cat/ri