Urban Age Programme: 10 Global Debates

LSE Cities and the Deutsche Bank Alfred Herrhausen Society, in conjunction with The Guardian Cities, held a series of global debates from 19 November to 3 December to celebrate the anniversary of the Urban Age programme. These open public debates discussed five central topics that have been the focus of research by the Urban Age programme over the last 10 years. These include the role of cities nationally and internationally with regard to climate change, sustainability and infrastructure and concerns on how to regulate, design and manage cities to make them more inclusive, tolerant and open. With the intention of providing a global perspective on social and urban dynamics in the 21st century, the participants came from a broad variety of backgrounds and included experts on environmental and urban matters, mayors and political leaders, architects, writers, sociologists and urban thinkers.

In addition, as part of this celebration, The Guardian Cities published a series of articles on the issues:

The future of cities

Climate change

Urban architecture

Models of urban growth


Management and governance

Urban Age is an international research programme on cities, promoted since 2005 by LSE Cities and the Alfred Herrhausen Society, whose central activity is an annual conference and release of the subsequent publication. Urban Age is a catalyst event for the exchange of information, experience and data through a global cities network.