Seminar on Decentralisation and Governance in Tunisia

The Seminar on Decentralisation and Governance was held in Tunisia last September, organised by the International Association of Francophone Regions in conjunction with the French region Rhône-Alpesand other Tunisian authorities.

The main aim of the seminar was to provide a space for meeting and exchange between heads of regional organisations to discuss topics such as decentralisation, governance and the role of the regions. Among the topics discussed in this meeting was the analysis of the decentralisation process taking place in Tunisia as a key to the stability and development of countries. It should be remembered that the UCLG Committee on Decentralisation and Local Self-Government took part in the discussions for the new constitution approved in 2014, which includes a specific section on local governments. Finally, it is particularly worth noting that the organisations involved in the Arab Spring and the agreements that led to the new Tunisian constitution were recently awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.