6th issue of the D+ magazine
Wednesday, 02/04/2014
The UCLG Committee on Decentralisation and Local Self-Government launches the new issue of D+ magazine, a publication specialising in topics associated with decentralisation and local governability around the world. The sixth issue...
Metropolitan Governance
Wednesday, 02/04/2014
Involvement of different stakeholders, guidelines for land use planning, strategic location of infrastructure projects, and the need for institutionalization of public-private arrangements- these are just some of the elements that the Metropolis team...
Local and regional governments
Wednesday, 02/04/2014
The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and the national local authority associations have officially presented the manifesto for local and regional governments to coincide with the forthcoming elections to the European...
Decentralisation, one of the priorities of the Chinese government
Sunday, 30/03/2014
The central government of China is making efforts to implement decentralising reforms. As stated by Prime Minister Li Keqiang in his report to Parliament, the acceleration in the transfer of powers will be the government´s main priority in 2014....