UCLG Executive Board in Madrid: towards the location of global agendas

Mercè Conesa durant la seva intervenció al buró

On 18 and 19 April took place in Madrid the Executive Bureau of UCLG, in the framework of the First World Forum of Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace. The Bureau focused on the new priorities of UCLG, proposed from the World Congress in Bogotá last October. Building on the need to strengthen the role of local governments in achieving global development goals, the new strategic priorities revolve around: ensuring a sustainable future for territories and cities, strengthening local governance, monitoring the implementation and location of the Global Agendas, and reinforcing the UCLG network and its international impact.

In this context, UCLG presented the new consultation mechanisms, among which the Policy Councils stand out as a new organizational tool to increase the political impact in the global sphere. The Policy Councils have as main objective to elaborate recommendations on different strategic issues and to foment the political participation in the global debates, increasing the implication of more political leaders in the activities of the organization around key strategic areas. The members of these Councils will be decided at the World Council in China next autumn.

The president of Diputació de Barcelona, institution that leads the Committee on Decentralization and Local Self Government was nominated to lead the Political Council of Territorial and Multilevel Governance and Sustainable Financing. This leadership will provide the opportunity to participate in policymaking and a greater involvement in global debates. In her speech, the president called for the need to increase local political leadership in international forums to strengthen the role and participation of local governments in global decisions.

As a prelude to the celebration of the Bureau, took place the statutory meetings of the Financial Committee and the Committee on Statutory Affairs. Another activity was the training “localizing the SDGs, initiative jointly promoted by UCLG, Platforma, UNDP, UN-HABITAT and Diputació de Barcelona. This training has the objective of training politicians and officers from local and regional organizations, networks and governments to act as a mechanism for locating the SDGs. On the other hand, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), with the support of Platforma and UCLG, organized a political debate to analyze how to implement the SDGs at local scale.