High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development: reviewing the progress of SDGs

Fòrum Polític d’Alt Nivell sobre Desenvolupament Sostenible: revisant el progrés dels ODS

From July 10 to 17, the fifth High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) is celebrated in New York. The HLPF is the main United Nations platform for the monitoring and evaluation of 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Under the theme “Eradicate poverty and promote prosperity in a changing world," the forum will review the progress in the implementation of SDGs.

States and agencies of the United Nations are involved in this process, which submit voluntary national assessments (VNR), as set out in the 2030 agenda. By 2017, 44 countries will present voluntary reviews, including developed and developing countries, as well as relevant UN bodies and other relevant stakeholders, like civil society and the private sector. The purpose of the VNR is to facilitate the exchange of experiences, including achievements, challenges and lessons learned, in order to accelerate the implementation of 2030 Agenda. They also seek to mobilize the support of multiple interest groups for the implementation of the SDGs.

This forum is a space of opportunity for local and regional governments to highlight their leadership and local commitment in achieving SDGs. In this effort, UCLG will be representing local governments at the HLPF beside the Global Taskforce, and will present a report on the implementation of SDGs at the subnational level, entitled "National and subnational governments on the way towards location ". Diputació de Barcelona,institution that leads the Committee on Decentralization and Local Self Government, ​​has supported this publication.