Final draft of the outcome document for the UN Summit to Adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda

The final draft of the outcome document for the United Nations Summit to Adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda has been published. This document, which is expected to be approved, calls for the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, to replace the famous Millennium Development Goals due to expire in 2015, and calls on the world’s governments to build a more equitable and sustainable planet by 2030.

The preamble reaffirms the principles of the Rio+20 Declaration and refers to Human Rights and the fight against inequality. The document contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including a specific goal for local governments (Goal 11 recommends that cities and human settlements should be made inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable). Moreover, the document asks States to work with local authorities and communities to renew and plan cities in order to promote community cohesion, improve security and stimulate innovation and employment.

The other goals are similarly designed to have an impact at a local level, so that municipal organisations will actively demand the ‘localisation’ of all the Sustainable Development Goals. UCLG has praised the indivisible and inter-sector nature of the goals, and hopes that sector-based approaches are avoided and that a coherent implementation is guaranteed, especially at a local level. 

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