World expert meeting on National Urban Policies

Monday, 17/03/2014 to Tuesday, 18/03/2014

UN-HABITAT has organised an expert meeting on National Urban Policies, in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Barcelona City Council. With the slogan ´Towards Effective National Urban Policies: Lessons from Current Practice´, the meeting aims to share recent experiences and approaches on national urban policies and to develop a route map for their application as a strategy for national socioeconomic development and sustainable urbanisation in less urbanised countries.

Developing a national urban policy is the key step in restating the urban space and territoriality and should provide a general framework for directing public intervention in urban zones, becoming a benchmark for the different ministries and service providers. It must also be a reference point for legislative institutional reform. 

This event will be held in Madrid on 17 and 18 March and is a unique opportunity for national and regional actors to debate the generation of effective national urban policies.