Consultations launched on the Global Agenda for local and regional governments

Monday, 23/03/2015 to Tuesday, 31/03/2015

This month, UCLG is launching a series of consultations at the World Secretariat in Barcelona in order to collect contributions on the Global Agenda for local and regional governments in the XXI century. Discussions revolving around UCLG’s Strategic Framework, plans to gather local authorities, professionals, experts, civil society organizations and intermediary city networks, metropolitan and peripheral. These sessions are part of an ongoing consultation process to be held both online or in person in the upcoming months and prior to the Habitat III Conference.

On 23 and 24 March a session will be held focused on intermediary cities, which will explore ways to redefine the agenda for a more suitable representation and to increase and enhance its international profile.

March 30 - 31 the metropolitan and peripheral cities will take over to examine the potential alliances and tensions between these two kinds of cities.