Colombia is to host the 8th Hemispherical Summit of Local Authorities

Wednesday, 03/09/2014 to Friday, 05/09/2014
8th Hemispherical Summit of Local Authorities

The Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Local Government Associations (FLACMA) decided on the city of Santa Maria, Republic of Colombia, as the site for its 8th Hemispherical Summit of Local Authorities.

The summit is to be held on the 3, 4 and 5 September 2014. Under the title EXPERIENCIAMERICA, this is a forum open to reflection on the major present and future issues for Latin American and Caribbean local governments, with the contribution of international cooperation institutions and the government of the host city. It is open to all South American mayors and local government authorities who wish to get together with professionals in the same field and learn about new trends in city management.