Agora of Cities 2014 is to be held on 1 July in Barcelona

Tuesday, 01/07/2014
Agora of Cities  2014

For the second consecutive year, Barcelona is to host the Agora of Cities, a meeting point for mayors from Europe, Latin America and the Mediterranean, which this year is held under the slogan ´Political Leadership for Global Cities´. 

The Agora of Cities is an initiative by Barcelona Provincial Council and GOBERNA América Latina (School of Politics and High-Level Government of the Ortega i Gasset University Research Institute) to promote reflection among local governments and the main territorial actors in three large areas: institutional innovation, political leadership and the internationalisation of cities. It is a meeting point for mayors from key cities in Latin America, Europe and the Mediterranean with the aim of promoting policy debate and exchange of experiences, which this year is to be held on 1 July at the headquarters of the CIDOB in Barcelona, to debate the main global challenges with a local impact.

The first Agora of Cities was held in April 2013 in Barcelona with the attendance of a wide representation of mayors and elected officials from various European, Latin American and Mediterranean cities.