Portada Comissió

General goal

To strengthen decentralisation and local self-government in order to contribute to local good governance in all regions of the world.

Specific goals

In order to reach the general goal, the following specific goals have been established:

  1. Improve local self-governments capacities to the strengthening of democracy, decentralisation and local self-government
  2. Create discussion forums
  3. Observe and analyse current initiatives
  4. Foster research in decentralisation and local self-government
  5. Strengthen political impact


Each of the aforementioned goals several actions will be carried out:

  1. Fostering the principles of local self-government and decentralisation through:
    a) training initiatives
    b) advising actions to members

  2. Promote information exchange through:
    c) plenary session and yearly meeting
    d) holding conferences and meetings about monographic topics with the participation of practitioners and experts
    e) the creation of an interactive website
    f) the elaboration of an electronic monthly gazette

  3. Monitor the decentralisation processes in different regions of the world through:
    g) promoting the tasks of the Global Observatory on Local Democracy and Decentralisation (GOLD)
    h) spreading the GOLD results
    i) publishing the results of meetings and conferences
    j) analysing the possibility of publishing monographic studies about the decentralisation and self-government main topics

  4. Foster research in decentralisation and local self-government, through:
    k) the elaboration of a database which includes the main experts on this issues
    l) the creation of a research award aimed at promoting the study of decentralisation processes in Universities & research centres

  5. Promote the political impact of the results of the Committee vis-a-vis international organizations and states.