The UCLG World Council results

During the UCLG World Council, held last November in Haikou, China, UCLG members analysed and debated the areas that would define the future global agenda for local and regional governments.

The World Council also provided an opportunity for exchanges on numerous matters including local economic and social development, the provision of local public services and reducing inequality. It also celebrated the start-up of a partnership with the European Union, acknowledging the great opportunity and responsibility implied by a structural partnership that acknowledges the role of the UCLG as an organisation that brings together and gives a voice to local and regional governments before the international community.

During the World Council, the working programme for 2015 was adopted and preparatory work for Habitat III carried out. Also stressed was the need to build upon the legacy of Habitat II and secure a special statute for local and regional governments as a specific sphere of governance. A resolution was also adopted expressing the organisation’s solidarity with local governments in regions affected by the Ebola pandemic. The Council joined in the commemorations and expressed solidarity with local governments and the Palestine people.