UCLG Executive Bureau in Porto Alegre

United Cities and Local Governments, the world organization of local authorities, held its Executive Bureau in Porto Alegre (Brazil) on 10-12 June. The most meaningful outcomes of the meeting were the creation of a platform that brings together Latin American local governments from major cities in the region and the decision to choose the Russian city of Kazan to host the Executive Bureau for 2016. In addition, a session discussed and presented the preparations for the World Congress of Local Governments to be held in Bogota in 2016 under the theme “Local voices for a more human future."

Also during the Bureau a political high-level debate was held on the New Urban Agenda, related to the Sustainable Development Goals (2015) and the Habitat III Conference (2016). The city of Porto Alegre, international reference of participatory budgeting, organized two technical visits focused on the analysis of instruments for participatory planning and environmental programs. Also, diverse meetings were held of several committees and working groups, which include the Committee on Development Cooperation and City Diplomacy, he Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities and the committee on Peripheral Cities, which presented the latest developments on the elaboration process of the Global Report on Decentralization and Local Democracy (GOLD 4).