Online platform for the urban governance survey

The UCLG Committee on Decentralisation and Local Self-Government, along with LSE Cities and UN-Habitat, have launched an online platform for the urban governance survey that was carried out recently.  The aim of this platform is to both graphically represent the data obtained through the urban governance survey, which began in summer 2014, and to encourage local governments worldwide to participate in this initiative.

The data are presented clearly, making it possible to view the competences and capacities of local governments in areas that directly affect the provision of basic services, such as the distribution of executive and legislative powers, the origin of municipal resources, the ability to raise and administer taxes, the relationship with other levels of government and the ability to act in areas such as health, education, housing and culture.  Moreover, the results can be sorted by world region, by wealth and by population.

To date, information has been obtained on 78 local governments, although there are plans to incorporate information on more cities from 30 September 2015 onwards, this being the deadline for submitting responses to the survey.  Cities interested in participating in this process should send an e-mail to The results obtained will be included in the UCLG’s 4th Global Report on Decentralisation and Local Democracy, due to be published in 2016.