International Forum on the Global Impact of Cities

From 18 to 21 March, the City of Montevideo, Uruguay, hosted the International Forum on the Global Impact of Cities, with the aim of discussing and reflecting on common challenges and opportunities in the current political context and the global New Urban Agenda. This context was chosen to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Observatory for Decentralised Cooperation EU-LA, headed by Barcelona Provincial Council and the Municipal Government of Montevideo, and the 20th anniversary of the Mercocuidades network.

The meeting started with an international seminar on the global influence of cities, leading on to different panels and parallel activities of relevance to the international sphere. The Committee on Decentralisation and Local Self-Government took part in one of the activities on Habitat III and the role required of local governments to have an impact on the World Conference. Key actions included the institutional opening event, organised by the Mayor of Montevideo, the Mayor of Rosario and the Deputy Prefect of São Paulo, where an interesting reflection was offered on government leaders and the regional and global agenda.

The forum, which brought together experts, representatives and elected officials from over 40 European and Latin American local bodies, provided an opportunity for different participants to share their progress in economic, social, cultural and environmental rights in terms of networking, decentralised cooperation and participative management.