Conclusions to the Consultations on the Local Government Global Agenda

Consultes ciutats

As part for the work for developing a Local and Regional Government Global Agenda for the 21st century, UCLG has carried out a series of consultations to compile the contributions of these governments with a view to the negotiations for Habitat III. On this occasion, over 70 local governments from all continents, academic experts and researchers, representatives of civil society, international institutions and the private sector took part. Barcelona Provincial Council, which holds the presidency of the UCLG Committee on Decentralisation and Local Self-Government took active part in the consultations and presented its point of view, defending the interests of its local governments.

These initial consultations were divided into two groups: medium-sized cities and suburban and metropolitan cities. The main conclusions that can be drawn from this first group suggest that many local governments are already taking advantage of the ‘human scale’ of this type of city to make them more habitable and inclusive and to experiment with new forms of participative governance. In addition, local cultures are also seen as an important asset for medium-sized cities. With respect to metropolitan and suburban cities, the main results indicate that the essential tools for reducing segregation and increasing wellbeing of citizens are strategic planning, co-management of basic services and participative governance. The official document on the initial results is to be published shortly.